Welcome to the Studio New Creatives

Three creatives, Chasadee, Bethany, and Joe, all with diverse backgrounds joined with Baxter Christenson for new adventures. 

Chasadee, the queen bee of social media and den mother to grammar police brings exceptional creative and technical writing to our group. Chasadee also contributes as quality assurance for interactive projects. She’s a real pip and can actually sport a beehive hairdo. 

Bethany, the unofficial mother of the number 5, brings analytical skills and creative storytelling through data. Bethany works with all kinds of data sets and creates complex queries to Nancy Drew much needed answers. Look busy; she’s watching.

Joe, the sound gormandizer, brings his sense of music aesthetic and applies it to perspective of space. Joe’s quiet place is anything but as he continually creates new compositions for aesthetic enhancement.  Although he doesn’t own a goat, he’s made music with one.

Patrick Baxter