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While headquartered in Tampa Bay, our network expands to Minneapolis / St. Paul, Indianapolis, Colorado and Kansas City.


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Chief Creatives


  • creative and art director

  • brand maven

  • designer and visual communications

  • experience strategist

20+ years experience and a life-time of real-world and formal design education, Wendy knows when your brand is misbehaving. Adept with all things visual and a savvy commercial sense, Wendy drives a clutch while she focuses on brand recognition, accurate visual delivery, and creative print and interactive. She will tell you if your shirt tag is out — or if you've a nose hair on the loose.

“I’m not afraid of terrorists — I’ve two teenagers.”


  • creative and full-stack digital designer / director

  • brand manager

  • artist and culture vulture

  • experience strategist

A big fat education and 20+ years experience in brand, promotional campaign, Web and digital design, PJ (Patrick) is sometimes referred to as a UX unicorn and focuses on critical consumption, creative delivery, and strategy. He enjoys all things interactive while engaging in the world of fine arts and being a professor for Web Design and Interactive Media.

“My UFO is parked over my garage — just ask my imaginary friends.”

Our Talented Creative Associates


  • creative and technical writing

  • interactive quality assurance

  • social media production

20+ years experience and a debutante lifestyle, Chasadee knows how to play queen bee in digital social circles. Chasadee understands the importance of brand interactions and focuses on messaging, tone, and being den mother to the grammar police.

“I’m not eating that.”


  • data acquisition

  • analytics analysis

20+ years experience and living in a database, Bethany’s best friends are numbers. Bethany works daily querying large data sets and focuses on creating meaningful information from relational data. We think her second child was actually the number 5.

“Just give it to me — I gotta go. Believe whatever you want.”


  • sound and music composition

  • audio experience strategist

20+ years experience and trained in visual arts, Joe is a sound gormandizer, designer and a Talking Heads groupie. Joe focuses on music composition, sound design and the experience of audio place perception as it appeals to the aesthetic sense. Joe once created a white noise machine for IBM and yes, a goat was involved.

“I am my own best friend with whom I argue but I still like each other.”


BCi Values

As an inclusive company of distinct individuals, our values are the comprehensive and growing understanding of who we are, what we do, and the impact we generate. We are open to new ideas and are genuine creatives who believe you can find beauty in a freckle or a crack in a sidewalk. We strive to stay present in our lives and with those with whom we connect.


We are all connected. What we do affects someone or something somewhere.


We are Inclusive. Combine the power of our differences and we will progress to solve existing and emerging challenges.


Learning is a lifelong endeavor.


Beauty exists everywhere and in all facets of life including who we are, what we do, and expression.


We apply creativity to everything we do.


YEAH!…… or Bahn Mi….or sushi….or donuts…all of it…