Higher Education

We understand the complexities of universities and are in tune with their audience range. From admissions to advancement, we've designed and deployed hundreds of successful campaigns, digital and print, at local through international levels. Our work has resulted in connected communities, increased awareness, and strengthened relations. 

For student communications, we help many locate services, connect to the university, and most importantly, persist. In 2018, our scholarship campaign resulted in a 100%+ increase in applications. 

So far, we provided some heavy lifting for Butler, USF, Park, Purdue, and Indiana Universities. 


Gen Y and Z students demand trustworthy communication. Talking to students after the admission process requires a varied tone and style. We understand that current students have a sense of belonging and want to control their chosen experience. In our creative way, we helped many in the past locate services, connect to the university and choose to persist in a timely, organized manner.

Patrick Baxter