Eaton Trade Show


Eaton Hydraulics helps make the world turn, move, haul, dig and lift with awesome power and precision.

Eaton flexed its muscle at the construction industry’s largest trade show in Las Vegas. The booth branded Experience Eaton pumped it up with interactivity including hands-on demo stations, touch screens and dramatically lit displays. This was elevated to the next level by bringing in a working excavator with Eaton hydraulics on board and making a game of it called “Take the Excavator Challenge.”

For the Excavator Challenge, contestants were invited to experience first-hand the power and precision of Eaton Hydraulics by attempting to score baskets with the machine’s bucket. Players names and scores where posted on a giant leader board, creating show-buzz, long-lines and return visits to check standings.

The excavator challenge, booth interactivity, and extensive pre-show and in-show integrated media plan, delivered 2 million impressions, 23 media interviews and 277 qualified leads —40% increase than previous year. In addition, the theme went beyond the booth and became a spring board for a larger campaign around Experience EATON.

Patrick Baxter