Conrad Hotels & Resorts

Designing for a 5 star hotel requires more than finials —i

t demands an interactive, engaging experience.

Conrad Indianapolis was marked with the position as the prototype for future hotels during the aggressive growth of Conrad Hotels worldwide, thus, setting the standard for luxury design and experience. This venture encouraged creative alignment for branding, marketing and advertising while focusing on the overall identity of Conrad. 



Branding was created to instantiate an identity for Restaurant du Soleil, a five star brasserie, Vitesse, the lounge complement, and experiences throughout the hotel to reflect the Conrad brand, the interior design, and its unique relationship to the Midwest. The project encompassed many designs including: logos, signage, menus, naming Chef's dishes, music, photography, $1.4 million in art, the presidential suite experience design, the hotel's mascot, chocolates, floral, and take away packaging.

Restaurant du Soleil logo
Vitesse at the Conrad logo


$1.4 million in art was sourced and placed on display in the lobby of the hotel. Artists consisted of internationally renowned talent, such as Marta Blades to Picasso.


Due to Chef Jonathon Wright’s on demand requirements with daily menu updates, an in-house printing system was implemented allowing for immediate updates and printing. Paper was appropriated by a local printer who maintained the Conrad's custom stock.


The Conrad Grand Opening Celebration brought the world-renowned Vienna Opernball to the Indianapolis scene. With only a two week window, original photography, copy, and print sources were secured while working directly with the Opernball staff. In three days, a memorable and original invitation was created and delivered. 

Invitation to grad gala at the Conrad Indianapolis featuring the Vienna Opern Ball


Menu designs were developed in consultation with Executive Chef Jonathan Wright as a detail to complement the restaurant and lounge. Design ensured longevity, functionality, flexibility, costs and unique design elements. 


Food: hand-carved mahogany wood slate panels with zinc corner fixtures to accommodate a 11x17" printed sheet. Menus addressed to guests horizontally for dinner and vertically for lunch. 

Wine: patina embossed copper plates lined with rich red leather.


Tappas: pearlized embossed leather lined with a black satin to complement the masculine and timeless style of the lounge. 

Tea: Created in the shape of a tea bag, this construction used all rich sienna fabrics covers, printed fabric pages for standard tea selections and open pages for vellum inserts for daily specials.

Images of orchids, artwork, and mock Chihuli chandalier inside Conrad Indianapolis
Patrick Baxter